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About Us
Reading 4865  ·  Date 2023-04-17

Lagre (Beijing)Agriculture Technology Co.Ltd. was established in 2003, in the same year, Lagre took the leadit has opened the road of exploration, deep cultivation and innovation in the field of full-process fertilizer production and examination service of the Ministry of Agricultureit is a professional institution for the early fertilizer registration and filing service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. Since the establishment of the company, business areas cover fertilizer, pesticide, seed, feed, test, trail, research and development, planting, trade import and export, product certification, organic agriculture products and other industries, providing technical support,product market access compliance consulting and technical services, safety consulting and solutions, product research and development and production process guidance and other services for relevant enterprises, institutions and government agencies.

Lagre has now laid a strong technical backing——signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Inspection, the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, the Heilongjiang Institute of Biotechnology, SGS, Pony and many other scientific research institutes;established a scientific research team with professors, doctors, masters, bachelors, as well as senior engineers and senior agronomists with rich experience from the front line, and established CNAS and CMA national metrology certification alliance laboratories with authoritative institutions, forming laboratory research and development, pilot verification, authoritative testing, standardization management and other agricultural industry chain technical services; established close cooperation with hundreds of national, provincial and municipal qualified strain resource banks, trail and testing units across the country. Lagre will provide all-round technical support for agricultural enterprises and escort the development of enterprises.

Lagre's professional and comprehensive services are well recognized and trusted by our customers, and have been unanimously praised by the industry! We will continue to improve our service system, become a solid bridge between the government and enterprises, help enterprises become bigger and stronger, and provide a stage for Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions for global agriculture.